Monday, 24 October 2011

PPGI - Week 4

This week I've been tasked to look at some of my previous work and evaluate it as to why it wouldn't be good to display in a showreel.

Above is a video of the level I did for Real Time Rendering in my second year. Looking at it again I  realise that not a lot of the work is actually mine. Most of the items outside of the level wasn't created by me and could be found in the UDK engine, whilst the models created by me were not to the highest of quality.

Above is some of the casino games I made back in my second year. I probably wouldn't be able to use them about as they're done in a sort of steam punk way, but at the same time, they were modelled to a good standard, however nowadays I would spend more time getting some higher detail into them. Although these models were placed in a top down casino game.

Above is some work from my first year, as you can tell the scale is completely wrong and the lighting is terrible, so I would never use these models in my showreel as its not my best work, but hopefully you can see that I have improved from my first year.

At the moment I don't have any work to use in a showreel, and that is why I'm spending a lot of time on modelling so I will have something to show by the end of the first semester (December).

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