Sunday, 2 October 2011

PPGI - Week 1

My future aspects for me is to become an illustrator, connecting to a concept artist in the games industry. As of yet, I'm not sure if I want to be a freelance illustrator or work in the games industry as a concept artist, it all depends on if I get on to a master's degree and what I do.

I have already started to look into doing a master's degree in illustration, and looking into ways I could enter that industry. Although a very crude way of looking into it is through the FRONT website, if you ignore the images and other links, they post numerous illustrators profiles on their website each month, and are asked the same questions such as what/who inspires them and how they achieve what they do. Through this I started looking into illustration agencies, so just like any other type of freelance work, the agency keeps the best images you supply (if they want you) and then recommend you for certain projects to customers.

The issue with being an illustrator is that you have to have loads of inspiration and have a unique style, don't get me wrong, I can gain inspiration from a lot of things including real world events, Art, etc. However, it's hard to create your own style and thats what i'm striving to do over the next year.

Over this past summer I've been trying to familiarise myself with Adobe Photoshop, and have entered a graphic design competition in Japan, of which i'll provide a link.

No Nukes Graphic Competition.

FRONT illustrator profile.

Folio Art Illustration Agency.

A few illustrators have made a sort of guide to getting into the industry, which are available on the internet. These prove to be quite useful as the illustrator even say that trying to contact an illustrator in the industry is hard as most will not reply with any information that could help the next generation of illustrators.

Illustration Help

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