Saturday, 31 December 2011

PPGI - Week 12

Above is an example showreel I have created that will go along the same path as my final showreel.

There are a few improvements needed before the final showreel including:
  1. The use of my own material to be included in the showreel, that way its displaying my work to potential employers.
  2. Better transitions between videos of my work is needed, I got the fade between Maya videos right, however there aren't any transitions between any of the other videos.
  3. Smaller videos over the top of larger videos to show different views (wire frame, textured, etc) so employers know how I work.
  4. An animation at the start of the video, just for the text, so as to make the showreel interesting from the start and have it stand out compared to motionless text.
  5. Perhaps different music, sort of more mellow, or at the very least, have the videos transition along with the music, therefore it looks more appealing.
  6. Similar to the last video (the cottage), show a concept or what the scene is meant to look like in the bottom left of the screen.
  7. Have a border along the bottom of the showreel with my name and email address, constantly reminding the viewer of who I am.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

PPGI - Week 12

Storyboard of my Show Reel.

However, I don't have some of the work to show in the video that will be coming soon and it is quite a short storyboard as there will be different angled fly throughs of the same environment.

PPGI - Week 12

I will be use the following image to plan the story board of my showreel.

PPGI - Week 12

A good final attempt for a sample asset presented in a house style.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

PPGI - Week 12

A first try at presenting an asset in a in house style.

It has everything I want to show for the town hall, but I need a better way to merge everything together.

Things I'm going to improve on include:
  1. The contact information, including the link to this blog (as an example), email address, perhaps a phone number, and then choose a better font and colour.
  2. The background colour is very neutral so the images do stand out, however, it looks rather bland.
  3. A better way to display the textures, perhaps having them smaller, or laid out differently.
  4. A third view of the asset to fill up some more space, perhaps the back image of the townhall.
  5. A border to box everything nicely into the picture might be a good idea.

PPGI - Week 12

High Level Exit Plan


The above link provides information on how to create a really good showreel, and numerous examples of good show reels from with the industry, be it games or films industry.

It does provide 3 different methods to self promote myself:
  1. Youtube - To upload my showreel so people and potential employers can view it at anytime, and means that only an internet address is needed to be sent rather than a DVD containing my showreel.
  2. Blogger - A good place to blog, uploading designs/sketches, and work in progress, and also to include an embeded show reel and other completed work.
  3. LinkedIn - A source to build up a CV and start making connections with people in the industry.
  4. Elance/Guru - Gives the chance for my work to bring me some freelance work, using both Blogger and LinkedIn.
A couple of things I already know to do include:
  1. Creating a business card with up to date contact information so if I do meet someone who shows interest in me and my work, a card is easier and more professional to show rather than writing down contact information.
  2. An up to date CV is essential for any job, and since last creating a CV I have had a couple of jobs, which I believe will help at starting at the bottom as a receptionist/runner for a VFX studio.
  3. A website to have all my finished work displayed, with links to my show reel and blog (as long as the blog is kept up to date of what I'm working on, otherwise the blog is pointless) and to show my CV. This means that any potential employer can look on one website to find everything they need to decide if I'm good enough for the job in question.

On an interesting note, I found a website of visual effect employees from around the globe working on animation films and their show reels. As someone who is aspiring to be in the film industry, its good to see some animation work, although I don't necessarily want to do animation, before applying for jobs.

Reel Barrow

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

PPGI - Week 12

I had the Viva Voce this week, although I believe too much focus on the DeLorean in my Back to the Future scene was too high, even though I explained throughout the 12 weeks of working on the scene, vehicle modelling isn't my strong point, and I wasn't that thrilled about doing it. Although I completely agreed that the DeLorean had to be in the scene, I wish I had chosen a scene with more focus on the environment.

Saying that, the scene itself was very enjoyable to create, with animation quite difficult to do, but all in all, it made me want to learn more about environments and become an environment artist.

From ART to AMA, I'm focusing on environments, and that's why I'm creating the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean and if I have much time, create another scene that I really want to do.