Tuesday, 27 December 2011

PPGI - Week 12

I had the Viva Voce this week, although I believe too much focus on the DeLorean in my Back to the Future scene was too high, even though I explained throughout the 12 weeks of working on the scene, vehicle modelling isn't my strong point, and I wasn't that thrilled about doing it. Although I completely agreed that the DeLorean had to be in the scene, I wish I had chosen a scene with more focus on the environment.

Saying that, the scene itself was very enjoyable to create, with animation quite difficult to do, but all in all, it made me want to learn more about environments and become an environment artist.

From ART to AMA, I'm focusing on environments, and that's why I'm creating the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean and if I have much time, create another scene that I really want to do.

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