Saturday, 31 December 2011

PPGI - Week 12

Above is an example showreel I have created that will go along the same path as my final showreel.

There are a few improvements needed before the final showreel including:
  1. The use of my own material to be included in the showreel, that way its displaying my work to potential employers.
  2. Better transitions between videos of my work is needed, I got the fade between Maya videos right, however there aren't any transitions between any of the other videos.
  3. Smaller videos over the top of larger videos to show different views (wire frame, textured, etc) so employers know how I work.
  4. An animation at the start of the video, just for the text, so as to make the showreel interesting from the start and have it stand out compared to motionless text.
  5. Perhaps different music, sort of more mellow, or at the very least, have the videos transition along with the music, therefore it looks more appealing.
  6. Similar to the last video (the cottage), show a concept or what the scene is meant to look like in the bottom left of the screen.
  7. Have a border along the bottom of the showreel with my name and email address, constantly reminding the viewer of who I am.

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