Sunday, 23 October 2011

AMA - Week 4

I started to enjoy the Advanced Rendering Techniques module, and the whole creating a level, so I thought about what can I do while easily being able to get references, and I believe recreating a flat from a university residential site has the potential.

Here's some screenshots on how it has progressed over the past few weeks, and as I hadn't done enough to my liking I didn't attend the Week 4 tutorials.

The room is completely modelled and I have reference images available to view, I also took it in to UDK to ensure that it was to the correct. This was not the case, so created a reference height scale using my modelled door and upscaled the room and other items to make it match the scale.

Other rooms in the flat are basically the same, just with some of the models mirrored.

I just need to get reference images of the flat bathrooms and kitchens and start modelling them and then I will be able to start UVing and texturing.

I want to be able for a finished video, showing people a tour of the flats in a 3D environment.

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